Courses & MFA Concentrations

List of courses/professors to be matched with course numbers/descriptions in MFA Electives and Elective Concentrations:

Name Area
Frances Bartkowski English
Sterling Bland English/Fiction
Sheri-Ann Butterfield Global Affairs
Alice Dark English
Ned Drew Visual & Performing Arts
Belinda Edmondson English & Afro-American Studies
Barbara Foley English
H. Bruce Franklin English//Nonfiction
James Goodman History/Nonfiction
Karen Guancione Visual & Performing Arts
Rachel Hadas English/Poetry
David Hoddeson English
Tayari Jones English/Fiction
Jyl Josephson Women’s Studies
Asela Rodriguez de Laguna Classical & Modern Languages Literature
Janet Larson English
Jan Lewis History
Laura A Lomas English
Jack Lynch English
Henry Martin Visual & Performing Arts
Gabriel Miller English
Lynn Mullins Dana Library
Jayne Anne Phillips English/Fiction
Lewis Porter Visual & Performing Arts/Nonfiction
Clement Alexander Price History
Charles Russell English
Beryl Satter History
Robert Snyder Visual & Performing Arts
Paul Sternberger Visual & Performing Arts
Virginia Tiger English
Jorge Daniel Veneciano Robeson Gallery
Ian Watson Visual & Performing Arts
Required Courses 33 credit hours
*ENG.26:350:517 518 Creative Writing Fiction 20 credit hours
*ENG.26:350:519,520 Creative Writing Poetry 20 credit hours
*ENG.26:350:523,526 Nonfictions 20 credit hours
*ENG.26:350:527,528 MFA Thesis 7 credit hours

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Designated electives are designed to deepen and broaden the interests and thesis focus of fiction writers, nonfiction writers, and poets. Other graduate or undergraduate courses can be approved for MFA students on a case-by-case basis.

Designated Electives
15 credit hours, (9 hours. from this list of established courses)
HIST 26:510:504  Reading and Writing Narrative History (3)
HIST 26:510:505  History in Fact and Fiction (3)
HIST 26:510:506  Poetics of History (3)
ENG 26:350:507  Studies in Fiction (3)
ENG 26:350:508  Critical Theories (3)
ENG 26:350:509  (and) 510 Studies in American Literature (3,3)
ENG 26:350:511  Poets and Poetry (3)
ENG 26:350:521  Topics in Literature (3)
ENG 26:350:523  Nonfictions (3)
ENG 26:350:524  Poetry for Poets (3)
ENG 26:350:545:546  Shakespeare (3,3)
ENG 6:350:527  Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir (3)
ENG 26:350:556  Studies in Satire (3)
ENG 26:350:563  Women in Literature (3)
ENG 26:350:564  Women’s Literatures (3)
ENG 26:350:565  The Novel to Jane Austen (3)
ENG 26:350:571,572  Victorian Literature (3,3)
ENG 26:350:589  Twentieth-Century British Novel
ENG 26:350:591  Modern British Poetry
ENG 26:350:698  Readings in Literature
ENG 26:352:514  Studies in American Fiction (3)
ENG 26:352:515  Studies in Modern American Poetry (3)
ENG 26:352:523,524  American Literature since 1900 (3,3)
ENG 21& 62:352:324  Latino/a Literature and Culture (3)
ENG 21&62:350:357  Children’s Literature (3)
AFRO-AM 21&62:352:395:396  Afro-American Literature (3)
ENG 26:352:537,538  Contemporary American Literature (3,3)

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Designated Elective Concentrations
6 credit hours

Literature/ Book Arts Concentration
ENG 26:350:531  Introduction to Publishing and Editing (3) (and)
ENG 26:350:548  Publishing and Editing Internship (3) (or)
VISUAL ARTS 21&62:080:378  Printmaking Book Arts Workshop (3) (Chapbook
Publication Project)

Performance/Media Studies Concentration
JAZZ HIST/RES 26:561:505  (Topics) Literature of Jazz (3)
JAZZ HIST/RES 26:561:501  Jazz Historiography I (3)
JAZZ HIST/RES 26:561:512  Charlie Parker (3)
ENG 26:350:555  Studies in Film (3)
ENG 26:350:561  Literature and Film of the Third World (3)
ENG 26:350:590  Modern British Drama (3)
ARTS, CULT, MEDIA 21:540:400  Topics in Journalism/Urban Journalism (3)
ARTS, CULT, MEDIA 21:570:455  JournalismMasters:Narrative Journalism (3)
TH ARTS 21:965:309  Imagery and Culture (3)
TH ARTS 21:965:365  Principles in Playwriting (3)
TH ARTS 21&62:965:410  Theory and Practice of Video Art (3)
TH ARTS 21&62:965:445  Drama Writing for Television (3)

Cultural/Political/Ethnic Studies Concentration
ENG 26:352:526  American Proletarian Writers (3)
ENG 26:352:531  Ethnicity in American Literature (3)
ENG 26:350:553  Science Fiction (3)
ENG 26:350:568  Literary topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
ENG 21:350:395  Nuclear War and Literature (3)
HIST 26:510:520  Topics in the History of Technology
HIST 26:510:525  Colloquium in the History of Women (3)
HIST 26:510:526  Problems and Readings in Afro-American History (3)
HIST 26:510:532  Topics US Diplomatic Hist: The United States and Empire (3)
HIST 26:510:548  Environmental History of North America (3)
HIST 26:510:549  The Making of Race in Latin America (3)
HIST 26:510:557  War, Technology and Society (3)
HIST 26:510:555  Sel. Topics in American Urban and Ethnic Hist. (3)
HIST 26:510:566  Writing American History (3)
HIST 26:510:585  American History, 1945-Present (3)
HIST 26:510:598  History, Technology, Environment & Medicine (3)
HIST 26:510:599  The Social History of Communication (3)
PRS 21:940:304  Slavery, Race, Black Experience in Spanish-American Lit.
URB STD 21&62:082:333  Newark: Art & Architecture
URB STD 21&62:810:371  Oral History of Newark’s Ironbound Neighborhood
URB STD 21&62:920:316  Race and Ethnicity
AFRO-AM 21&62:014:358  Black Writers of Africa and the Caribbean
AFRO-AM 21& 62:014:278  Black Subcultures of the USA
Women’s Studies 21&62:920:337  Sociology of Sex and Gender

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