Courses & MFA Concentrations

3 Electives Concentrations
The Program offers students the unique opportunity to choose a particular combination of literature, history, journalism or performance arts courses which directly supports and informs their creative work in fiction, poetry, or nonfiction. They may choose an Electives Concentration at the beginning of their matriculation or in the second semester of their first year.

Literature/Book Arts
Students may choose to complete two more 3 credit hour courses in Literature, or they can choose to do a Rutgers-Newark MFA Real Stories Publication Project. Those engaged in Publication Projects will work with Karen Guinicione, Ned Drew, and chosen graphic arts students to produce a chapbook of their own work. Real Stories Chapbooks will include approximately 10-15 poems, or 20-25 pages of fiction or nonfiction. The text will be digitized, while the binding and covers will be of fine arts quality. Rutgers-Newark will provide funding for an initial one-of-a-kind chapbook, and the student may provide funding for additional copies. This program, a unique capstone feature of the Rutgers-Newark MFA, allows students to graduate with a published example of their work to show to editors/agents.

The Chapbook Real Stories Series fine arts covers will be featured in a show at Paul Robeson Gallery to coincide with MFA Capstone Readings for second or third year graduating students.

Performance/Media Studies
Students can choose to complete two courses in, for example, Performing Arts, Dramatic Writing, Film Studies, Journalism, or Jazz Studies. Those drawn to Theater may take the opportunity to take a course in Playwriting, etc.

Cultural/Political/Ethnic Studies
Students can choose to complete courses in urban or political studies that actively broaden their knowledge and contribute to the novel, book of poetry or nonfiction work they will turn in as a Thesis. Students may choose courses in Liberal Studies, American Studies, Urban Education, Political Science, Global Affairs, African-American Studies, or Women’s and Gender Studies.

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